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About the initiative

When you change, the world changes

Consumption with a positive impact is gaining momentum in society, attracting more and more individuals who are willing to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. As part of this transformative movement, Mercado Libre's Sustainable Products section is integrated into our strategy to promote the positive impacts of our ecosystem in Latin America.

Created in 2019 to democratize access to products that generate benefits for people and the environment, fostering a new economy, the section is now a permanent feature in our marketplace across six countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Today, we offer a carefully curated selection of thousands of products with positive impacts, and we continually work to expand both the variety and visibility of these products.

How it works

Today, the Sustainable Products category is present in six countries and offers more than 140 million items, ranging from solar panels to compost bins and reusable straws.

There are many variables that we take into consideration when evaluating a product, and we aim to get a complete view to understand the positive impact associated with each item. These criteria are in continuous beta and are detailed for our users here.

Growing and diversifying our offerings

We want to bring together the most sustainable products available on the market and offer our users the greatest possible variety of choices.

To achieve this goal, we have established partnerships with notable organizations, such as Sistema B and the Movimento Amazônia em Casa, among others. In addition, we have launched our own programs, including Biomes at a Click, designed to promote sales and generate positive impacts for Latin American biodiversity projects.


Throughout the year, we reinforce the visibility of the Sustainable Products section and talk to our consumers about this issue through special campaigns such as EcoWeek, which we have held annually since 2016, Biomas at a Click, and Environment Week.

Looking at the results of our section, we are proud to see that positive impact consumption is growing and expanding in the region.

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Key results

Over 140 million

Over 140 million products available

Over 30

Over 30 sustainable product categories

Over 5 million

people have bought at least one product with positive impact

Over 68,000

Positive impact enterprises and brands

Over 11 million

positive impact products sold

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Our solutions make it easier for consumers to opt for products that generate positive impacts for the planet and people.

Join the category

To be included in the Mercado Libre's “Sustainable Products” category, a product has to meet our platform sustainability standards. Among the criteria are:

  • It reduces waste sent to landfills
  • It is reusable
  • It avoids emissions
  • It holds a Sistema B certification
  • It generates income for Latin American biomes
  • It has the Amaz and Climate Venture partner seals.

Find out about all the selection criteria here >

Learn more

Learn about our key findings, trends in the region and survey results from our user research in our study of online consumption trends with a positive impact in Latin America.

Learn more about our 2022 Study >

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