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About the initiative

When you change, the world changes

Positive-impact consumption is gaining momentum in society, attracting more and more people willing to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The Sustainable Products Section of Mercado Libre is part of this transformative movement and is integrated into our strategy to enhance the positive impacts of our ecosystem in Latin America.

Created in 2019 to democratize access to products that generate benefits for people and the environment, fostering a new economy, the section is now a permanent feature in our marketplace across six countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Today, we offer a carefully curated selection of thousands of products with positive impacts, and we continually work to expand both the variety and visibility of these products.

How it works

The Sustainable Products Section is available in six countries, featuring a catalog of over 900,000 items that include solar panels, composters, organic foods, reusable straws, and hundreds of other sustainable products.

There are more than 30 categories of sustainable products, including fashion, conscious eating, and personal care. Each item is curated based on social and environmental impact criteria, considering numerous variables, providing a comprehensive view of the positive impacts associated with each one. These criteria are detailed for our users here.

Growing and diversifying our offerings

We aim to gather the most sustainable products available on the market and offer users the widest possible variety.

To achieve this, we have formed partnerships with relevant organizations, such as Sistema B and the Amazônia em Casa Movement, among others. Additionally, we have developed our own programs, like Biomes at a Click, designed to boost sales and positive impacts of socio-biodiverse Latin American enterprises.


Over the year, we promote the visibility of the Sustainable Products section and engage in conversations with our consumers on the topic through special campaigns like EcoWeek, conducted annually since 2016, campaigns focusing on our biomes, and Environment Week.

Positive impact consumerism is on the rise and expanding in the region, as indicated by the fourth edition of the study Trends in Online Positive Impact Consumption in Latin America.

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Key results

Over 900,000

Products available.

Over 30

Sustainable product categories.

Over 5,8 million

People have bought at least one positive impact product.

Over 67,700

Positive impact enterprises and brands.

Over 10,4 million

Positive impact products sold.

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Our solutions make it easier for consumers to opt for products that generate positive impacts for the planet and people.

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Join us and be part of the Sustainable Products Section! Fill out the registration form and submit your product for evaluation by our consultancy, which reviews products to be included in the Section.

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Learn about our key findings, trends in the region and survey results from our user research in our study of online consumption trends with a positive impact in Latin America.

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