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About the iniciative

Biome protection

Our challenge is to mitigate the environmental impact of our activities, and foster sustainable development in the regions where we operate. This commitment has led to the creation of the Regenera América program, in an effort to support the conservation, regeneration and protection of the large biomes in the countries where Mercado Libre works.

The investments under the program contribute to carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, and to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Funds originate from the first issue and public offering of a Sustainability Bond, conducted at the beginning of 2021. Regenera América is one of the key projects for the funding of our commitment to socio-environmental investments.

Promotion of environmental services

The regions where we operate are a fundamental landscape of our planet and account for 40% of its biodiversity. By way of this initiative, we provide direct funding to effective activities fighting climate change, potentially capable of generating carbon credits.

Regenera América reconciles our environmental strategy with a community approach because it includes people connected to every single region. It will also benefit small-scale farmers, who are paid for the provision of environmental services, and help recover private deforested lands. Both activities enable the use of carbon credits.

Defending the Atlantic Forest

At the beginning of 2021, in the first year of program implementation, we invested approximately USD 8 million in two initiatives for the regeneration of the Atlantic Forest biome in southeastern Brazil. Many of our corporate operations are carried out in this ecosystem, which is home to the Earth’s richest biodiversity and is one of the most threatened ecosystems on our planet. The amount invested was calculated in proportion to Mercado Libre’s carbon footprint in 2020.

The Conservador da Mantiqueira project, a group initiative coordinated by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), promotes the restoration of landscapes in the region of Serra da Mantiqueira, at the intersection of the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro. The Corridors for Life project, under the responsibility of Instituto de Investigaciones Ecológicas (IPÊ) since 2014, aims at creating biological corridors by planting trees in remaining areas of native forests in Pontal do Paranapanema, in the state of São Paulo.

Satellite data and artificial intelligence are used for the central monitoring of planting and carbon concentration per hectare, in partnership with the Pachama tech start-up.

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We support projects having a proven record of efficacy in fighting climate change and the potential to generate carbon credits.

Corridors For Life


250 hectares expected to be regenerated by 2024


750,000 trees expected to be restored by 2024

Conservador da Mantiqueira


2,717 hectares expected to be regenerated by 2031

+ 6 million

+ 6 million trees expected to be restored by 2031

General project

700,000 tons

700,000 tons of CO2 expected to be captured by 2045

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