Biomas a um Clique (Biomes in a Click)

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About the initiative

Our biomes are on their way

In regions boasting the highest biodiversity in Latin America, thousands of individuals, cooperatives, and communities play a vital role in conserving ecosystems by sustainably producing items bursting with colors, flavors, and ancestral wisdom. The Biomes in a Click initiative facilitates these communities' access to new markets, enhancing income generation, and bringing their products and knowledge to consumers throughout the region.

How it works

We select and train socio-biodiversity enterprises that contribute to creating incomes as well as the preservation of Latin American biomes. Since 2021, more than 120 businesses from 7 different biomes have been supported in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Participants receive training in areas like online sales, commercial strategy, logistics, and digital marketing, both individually and as part of a group. This includes personalized mentoring sessions with Mercado Libre experts and partners. They also have access to benefits in using the MELI ecosystem and enjoy increased visibility on the platform.

We want to combine the knowledge of the forest, which promotes environmental protection and creates value, with Mercado Libre's expertise in areas like commercialization, logistics, and financial inclusion. This will help to bring these unique products to every region and increase their positive impact.


In Argentina, we have a positive impact on over 2,000 small producers and artisans who are currently contributing to the preservation and awareness of the Gran Chaco and Selva Misionera biomes. We work with Alma Nativa, Fundación Niwok, and the Emprendedores por Naturaleza program of the Rewilding Foundation, Argentina.


We drive the sales of sustainable items crafted by organizations dedicated to valuing and preserving four Brazilian biomes: Amazon, Caatinga, Cerrado, and Atlantic Forest. The 'Amazônia em Casa' and 'Floresta em Pé' movements stand as key partners in this initiative, alongside Idesam, AMAZ, Climate Ventures, Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia, Conexsus, Instituto Auá, and Central do Cerrado.


More than 4,500 producers, integral members of community organizations in Oaxaca and Chiapas, crucial for preserving the biomes in these areas, have now begun listing and selling their products on Mercado Libre.

Biomas a um clique (Biomes in a Click)



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We support the commercialization of Latin American socio biodiversity products.

How to participate

Every year, Mercado Libre selects enterprises to participate in the Program and receive training, benefits and visibility on the platform.

Key results

Over 128

organizations supported.

Over 34,000

local producers benefited indirectly


iconic Latin American biomes represented

Over 47,000

products sold on our marketplace

Featured mentions

Reuters Events Sustainable Business

Recognition in the 'Biodiversity Champion Award' category for promoting entrepreneurial actions that integrate the conservation of our biomes with the development and promotion of the bioeconomy.

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