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Impacts that matter

We have regularly evaluated how our strategic objectives materialize in practice. We did it in September 2021 with the study Impactos que importan [Impacts that matter], conducted in partnership with Euromonitor. The socio-economic impact analysis used concrete and tangible results collected in 2019 and 2020 to evaluate how our solution ecosystem can generate value and promote inclusive development in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

An analysis of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs assessed the scope of Mercado Libre’s contribution to job creation, economic growth, financial inclusion, and the digital transformation of the SMEs in these countries. The study identified the strong impact of our ecosystem during a period in which many businesses were closing down.

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More than 85% of SMEs that sell on Mercado Libre maintained or increased their number of employees, in spite of the pandemic.

Main results


Mercado Libre enables almost 500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises to access trade:


65% of SMEs that sell over our platform are family businesses that create from 4 to 11 jobs each, on average.


40% of SMEs only sell using e-commerce tools.

1 out of 4

1 out of 4 enterprises is led by women.

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See Impactos que importan [Impacts that matter] (the Euromonitor study)

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