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Today, we are a team of over 58,000 professionals who, driven by the thrill of entrepreneurship, strive to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people who use our ecosystem to sell, buy, pay, send and finance their operations, thereby contributing to the recovery and development of Latin America.

In 2023, over 23,000 people joined our teams, sharing an environment that respects and values each individual as a key player for innovation and creates opportunities for growth and development.

Immersed in MELI. DNA, we are always looking for people who challenge themselves to improve, are not afraid to fail, will face the unknown, and are willing to learn and move forward, driven by entrepreneurial spirit.

We promote a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can feel free to be themselves, maximizing their full potential. We also believe in flexibility, with a hybrid work model that harnesses the best of both in-person and remote.

Through this determination, we are highly placed among the Great Place to Work ranking in nearly all the countries we operate in. And we keep marching on!

MELI DNA. Our culture and principles are at the heart of everything we do:

  • We create value for our users.
  • We take risks as entrepreneurs.
  • We execute with excellence.
  • We are in continuous β (beta).
  • We compete as a team to win.
  • We give our best and have fun.

Impacts that matter

+23.000 people

New people joined the Mercado Libre team in 2023.

Colaboadores Mercado Libre.png


Voluntary turnover, the lowest level in Mercado Libre's history.


Execution excellence.


Team engagement.


Team engagement in Technology and Product (+1% vs 2022).


Team engagement in Logistics (-1% vs 2022).

Impact stories

Natalia Mileo.png

“We want more and more people to grow and multiply their passion for entrepreneurship, enjoying the pride.”

Natalia Mileo, Culture and Experience Director (Argentina)
Maria Soledad Dematteo.png

“It’s a great MELI idea to foster women's engagement in tech careers and courses, because their point of view sheds a different light on the way to solve certain problems.”

Soledad Dematteo - IT & Product Development at Mercado Libre (Argentina)
Aime - egresada de Redes al Futuro.png

"Working at Mercado Livre has been a wonderful and enriching experience. I discovered in the logistics career the ladder for my professional future, and it makes me feel fulfilled wherever I go."

Luiz Diego Nascimento dos Santos - Fullfilment Rep and Redes para o Futuro alumni

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