Sustainable mobility

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About the iniciative

The fleet goes electric

We work jointly with the main players of the automotive industry in Latin America to accelerate a logistics development process in the region based on improved sustainable mobility.

We have partnered with automotive manufacturers to buy electric vans for our own fleet or the fleets of our outsourced logistics providers, which generate the major portion of our emissions. To facilitate the purchase of new vehicles and make the whole process more agile, we are delivering training to these partners and are offering them special credit lines.

Using clean fuels

During 2021, we added 46 gas-powered vehicles (biomethane and natural gas driven vehicles) to our marketplace distribution route, as part of the plan to minimize the environmental impact of the company’s logistics network. These sustainable vehicles can deliver 230,000 packages per day, and have started their first operations in Brazil’s southern and south-eastern regions.

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Since 2019, we have been continuously investing in the expansion of our electric fleet, and the reloading infrastructure of service centers and distribution points.

Main results


548 electric vehicles used in our fleet

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