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About the initiative

Young girls approaching the tech world

The Conectadas program seeks to reduce the historical gender inequality found in the tech industry. It offers motivating and vivid experiences to 14-18-year-old young girls, aiming to arouse their interest in the tech world. In collaboration with two renowned NGOs, Chicas en Tecnología from Argentina and Reprograma from Brazil, we present to young girls the multiple possibilities that the tech world has to offer for their future careers.

How it works

Online and free, the program requires no previous tech skills and offers digital immersion. It is inspired in the processes used by IT teams in the real world: identify a need, conduct research, design a solution, and develop a prototype to be tested and improved. To better grasp the meaning of key concepts, the girls are invited to think about the problems that surround them, and imagine relevant digital solutions, always taking into account the end users, data and dissemination.

A female mentor guides the project developments of these young participants from different countries working in teams. Activities under the program include panels, workshops, talks, and inter-regional peer-to-peer interaction to answer questions and exchange experiences. At program meetings, the girls can learn about the experiences of and interact with professional women working at Mercado Libre, and also tech leaders, experts and key players from different fields.

The contents offered by the program include:

  • Digital transformation, economy 4.0, and sustainability.
  • Data and UX research.
  • Digital project and business development.
  • Digital marketing and communication.

Main results


1,200 young girls from 7 Latin American countries completed the Conectadas program in 2021.


90% of these young girls acknowledged to have a positive and close bond to the tech world after completing the course.


200 projects were created by the young girls in the first program edition.

Join the program

Do you self-identify as a woman? Are you 14-18 years old? Do you want to change the world? If you answered yes to all these questions, then come and join Conectadas! Please check the program details and stay tuned to receive information about new admission seasons. Download the PDF summarizing the program details. Please also check the terms and conditions to participate.

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