Redes al Futuro (Networks for the Future)

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About the initiative

Building bridges for the future

Created in 2020, Redes para o Futuro promotes professional training and access to their first job for young people aged between 18 and 24 who live in the communities where our distribution centers are located. In addition to training and the possibility of participating in selection processes at Mercado Livre, the young people receive support in joining other companies, mainly in the logistics sector.

How it works

Redes para o Futuro provides training in technical, socio-emotional, and logistical skills to young people living near our distribution centers who need support finding and accessing formal employment. If necessary, we provide equipment, connections, and other benefits to ensure their participation during training and the selection process.

The program is carried out in partnership with Fundación Forge in Argentina and Mexico, and with Instituto Aliança in Brazil. In 2022, Redes para o Futuro was launched in Chile to support the growth of our operation in the region, creating more than 1,000 jobs, especially in the logistics network.

Main results


545 participants in Brazil.


376 participants in Mexico.


124 participants in Chile.


70% of those who graduated obtained their first formal job.

Join the program

Eligible candidates must be 14-18-year-olds. They must also have completed secondary education, and live close to our distribution centers. Candidate selection ensures gender equality and gives preference to young graduates from public schools.

Follow the News section to find out about the opening of registrations for the next session.

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