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To foster prosperity in our communities

We have been working together with NGOs to strengthen the skills of Latin Americans. With this in mind, we have implemented education programs that would enable a more inclusive future by fostering tech and other key skills in young people to support their personal development and help them overcome the social and gender barriers that restrain their access to employment opportunities.

We have also supported social organizations by making tech tools available so that they could raise funds for their missions. In addition, we have encouraged our own users to play a leading role in social transformation by promoting the digital donation culture in Latin America.

Impacts that matter

+1,000 young people

+1,000 young people trained under the Redes al futuro (Networks for the future) program to improve their skills to access the job market.

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1,200 young girls aged 14-18 years trained in technology under the Conectadas program across Latin America.


+3,000 organizations registered with the Mercado Libre Solidario program.

+USD 19,2 million

+USD 19,2 million transacted through Mercado Libre Solidario.

Impact stories

Ana -conectadas.png

“Seeing so many women enjoying what they were doing, either programming or doing things that I thought were so difficult to do, was a turning point for me. You don’t see yourself doing such things, but when you actually do them, you think: Wow! I did that!”

Ana - Conectadas program participant
Matias - redes al futuro.png

“When you learn tech skills, you build self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. Your personal life changes, and then everything else comes by itself.”

Matías Cruz Ortega – Former Redes al Futuro (Networks for the future) program student
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“With the funds that we raised thanks to the Donate button, we bought the tools that Mario needed to start over.”

Malena Famá - Fundación Multipolar Director

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We know the challenge is huge, but we also know that the time to act is right now.

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