Tax incentives

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Tax incentives

We have capitalized on the tax incentives under Brazilian legislation to allocate resources to projects aligned with our strategic objectives in the areas of culture; sports; health; and the defense of the rights of children, adolescents, and the elderly, in the communities where we work.

Projects carried out in 2022 supported by Mercado Libre:

  • Rio Innovation Week
  • Presença Festival (Presence Festival)
  • Dia das Boas Ações (Good Deeds Day)
  • Livmundi Festival
  • São Paulo Gay Pride
  • 11th Mostra Ecofalante 2022
  • Agora Festival
  • FIIS - Festival Internacional de Inovação Social (International Festival of Social Innovation)
  • Mix Festival Brasil 2022
  • Brazil Eco Fashion Week 2022
  • “Biomas que transformam (Biomes that transform)” collection, with the Museu da Pessoa.
  • Rocinha Chamber Orchestra Project
  • Network of Sports Centers in Osasco and Cajamar, in São Paulo, in partnership with the Instituto Esporte Educação (Sport Education Institute)
  • Support to the Núcleo Florianópolis do Instituto Futebol de Rua (Florianópolis Center of the Street Soccer Institute)
  • Support to the Flamengo women's soccer team
  • Programa de Capacitação Profissional para o Trabalho (Professional Training for Work Program), in partnership with the Projov Association
  • Projeto Crie seu Futuro (Create your Future Project), in partnership with CEAP Pedreira
  • Projeto Morrobótica in partnership with Fa.Vela

Main results


22 projects supported by Mercado Libre in 2022.

USD 644 thousand

USD 644 thousand invested.

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