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Energy efficiency

With our smart metering strategy, we track energy consumption in 11 of our distribution centers accurately and in real time across Latin America.

By using smart sensors and real-time monitoring dashboards, we can make quick operational decisions to improve efficiency. In 2020, we conducted a smart metering pilot project in Argentina, leading to the identification of opportunities to reduce energy consumption up to 10%. In 2021, we expanded the initiative to include other strategic operations in the region. Our goal is to implement the system in 28 distribution centers by 2022.

More renewable energies in our energy matrix To increase the share of renewable energies in Mercado Libre’s energy matrix, we have addressed two fronts:

  • Clean energy generation by installing photovoltaic solar energy-driven systems in our buildings and administrative centers.
  • Execution of Power Purchase Agreements with local providers of solar and wind energy.

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We work to enhance energy efficiency, fulfilling the electricity needs of the entire corporate operation of Mercado Libre in Latin America with supplies from renewable sources.

Main results

7061 MWh

7061 MWh consumed from off-site renewable energy sources.

1900 solar panels

1900 solar panels installed in Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, with a capacity to generate approximately 300 MWh of energy.

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