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About the initiative

Our business success depends on our users and sellers’ trust. This is why ensuring the security and privacy of personal and financial data, the integrity and availability of our technological structure, and the ethical use of our platform is a must for everything we do.

How it works

Technological structure security

We are a tech company. Therefore, implementing data protection and fraud prevention on our systems require effort and dedication by our IT professionals. We have round-the-clock monitoring in place to avoid information leakage, and prevent and detect any potential cyber attack. The entire infrastructure supporting Mercado Libre's ecosystem is monitored, including all critical processes, equipment, and suppliers that are directly involved.

Protecting the personal data of users is a priority. We strive to go beyond what each country’s applicable law sets forth, adapting our regional operations to the most stringent local regulations, and making available to our users effective channels to exercise their ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition).

The homepage of each of our websites shows our privacy policy in force, describing in a clear and explicit manner how user information is used, ensuring the transparency of personal data utilization.

Ethical use of our platform

Each Mercado Libre site implements specific procedures to avoid the illegal use of our platform, in line with each country's listing policy, and the applicable terms and conditions. Our moderation team is responsible for monitoring compliance. Its mission is to monitor the site and keep it controlled and safe, and provide fair treatment to the user community. Fraud Prevention teams have detected 99.4% of the content removed in the region.

According to the type of infringement or in case of recurrence, the penalty may include permanent account suspension and/or reporting the event to law enforcement authorities. Examples of infringement include: selling prohibited products (such as opioids, weapons, or products that have not been authorized by health or security authorities), restricted-sale products (medication), or products that violate intellectual property rights (piracy).

Brand Protection Program

Our Brand Protection Program is an effective reporting tool for brands to search for and report listings that violate our policies in an agile and simple way, and across all Mercado Libre's sites at the same time. It is a fundamental pillar to support sellers and partners in their business growth, and collaborate in the fight against piracy.

In addition, in 2021 we launched the Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, a joint effort between the company and brands against counterfeiting and piracy in the Mercado Libre ecosystem. Levi Strauss & Co, Pink, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, and Victoria's Secret, among others, were the first to partner with Mercado Libre in this initiative to combat intellectual property infringement, raising awareness of the problem and providing all its users with a safe transactional space to market their products and services.


Since 2020, we have published a Transparency Report every six months that consolidates all our initiatives ensuring the security of digital environments and services, and compliance with the law of the countries where we operate. Mercado Libre is the first Latin American company to have adopted this accountability practice vis-à-vis users, the market, authorities, and civil society organizations.

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It is very clear for us that trust is at the heart of our business, and that transparency is the best way to honor the bond with our users.

Main results

+9 million

Moderation of +9 million listings that breached our rules


95.5% of infringing content automatically detected


20,000 sellers permanently suspended


It takes one second to analyze 5,000 information security variables

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