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About the initiative

People choose us because of our fast delivery, product range, secure payment methods, data protection, and trusted platforms. To maintain the expected level of service and meet the exponential growth of demand, we have quickly advanced our business, logistics, and financial capacity.

How it works


Technology is the core of our business. It drives our ecosystem growth and enables innovation, which is paramount to what we do. Technology enables us to reach the scale we need without neglecting the continuous improvement of processes or the security of all our platform users.


Product delivery is key in the user experience. To meet the expected delivery times and geographic coverage, we have developed a robust logistics system.

Quick and efficient customer service

We provide fast and efficient customer service by maintaining continuous communication with all users through various channels. With a team of over 8,000 specialized customer service representatives we also promote self-service by leveraging machine learning tools to speed up support, provide quality answers, and avoid lengthy processes that could frustrate our users.

Security and data protection

We understand that our users place a lot of trust in us to protect their personal and financial information, which is why we have a dedicated department responsible for maintaining and enforcing our privacy policy.

Inclusion and accessibility

In Latin America, there are more than 44 million people with disabilities, and we are working to close the gap between our solutions and this community by focusing on our goal of democratization. In 2022, we developed an internal accessibility guide for our development, design, content, and research teams, providing them with guidelines, tools, and best practices to apply to our products.

In Brazil, Mercado Libre has incorporated the VLibras tool to translate content into sign language, and we plan to launch it in other markets soon. We are also working on a guide for social media and reducing barriers in the identity validation process, focusing on people with visual disabilities.

Protected purchasing

We offer a purchase protection program, which guarantees a refund in case of any problems during the receipt of a product purchased through our platform. Buyers who do not receive their orders, receive a different product than advertised or with defects, or who simply change their minds and want to return the product, are all covered.

Users can initiate a claim within ten days of receiving the product or 21 days from the date of purchase if they have not received the order. We analyze whether the buyer meets our terms and conditions before processing the claim. In 2022, we expanded the program to cover purchases made by companies using Mercado Pago as a processor in Mexico and Brazil. Buyers can initiate a claim within 14 days if the product has not been delivered.

Loyalty program

Our loyalty program, Mercado Pontos, rewards users with points based on their activity and engagement on our platform. The more points you accumulate, the more benefits you can enjoy, such as free shipping, free subscriptions, or discounts on streaming services. For many people, this is their first opportunity to access a subscription service.

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Users come to our platform for the quality of the technology, and stay with us for the quality of the shopping experience at every stage, right through to delivery.

Main results


365 visits per second.


36 purchases per second.

6.79 items

6.79 items per buyer.

73.9 million

73.967 million buyers.


80% of shipments in less than 48 hours.


76% of complaints satisfactorily resolved.

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