Sustainable development at El Salto

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About the initiative

A sustainable future for El Salto, Mexico

Committed to the economic and social development of the Mexican city El Salto, where we opened a new distribution center in 2021, we have joined the local government and other businesses of the region to promote projects that can solve environmental, social, and economic problems.

Joint efforts

To implement our strategy, we have worked in alliance with municipal government, businesses, and Balloon Latam, a social enterprise specialized in community projects in Latin America, to carry out projects proposed by the community. The first step is to assess the reality and needs of the residents. Then, the proposed plans are designed in collaboration with the groups that are willing to participate.

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Our goal is to generate economic value with positive social and environmental impact in the communities where we work.

Main results


77 businesses completed the program in 2021


+900 people attended the Entrepreneur's Fair

USD 5,000

USD 5,000 worth in sales in the first Entrepreneur’s Fair

This is just a token

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