Sustainable development at El Salto

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About the initiative

A sustainable future for El Salto, Mexico

We are committed to promoting socio-economic development in El Salto, Mexico, where we opened a new distribution center in 2021. To achieve this goal, we are collaborating with the local government and other companies in the region to accelerate the creation and consolidation of social, environmental, and economic projects led by local entrepreneurs.


To put our strategy into action, we formed an alliance with the municipal government, local actors, and Balloon Latam, which specializes in community projects in Latin America. The objective of the alliance is to implement the SOMOS El Salto Resiliente project.

The first step was to conduct a diagnosis to learn about the reality and needs of the residents. In 2022, we expanded the program with two hybrid training cycles on issues such as resilience, purpose, customer identification, costs, cash flow, and marketing. Additionally, in partnership with the local government and Un Salto con Destino A.C, we held the "Entrepreneur Fair", which gave a platform to more than 100 businesses to offer their products and services to the public. This also created networking opportunities and over $10,700 in sales.

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Our goal is to generate economic value with positive social and environmental impact in the communities where we work.

Main results


businesses participated in the three training cycles.

51 hours

of methodology training.

8 people trained

to be leaders of change.

Over USD 15,000

transacted during the "Entrepreneur Fairs”.

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Ecosistema Emprendedor (Entrepreneurial Eecosystem)