Consumption with positive impact

Sustainable Christmas: up to 40% off products with a positive impact


Sustainable Christmas

"The future starts with the present". It is with this motto that Mercado Libre aims to boost growth in more sustainable gifting at the end of the year, connecting consumers to brands that generate positive socio-environmental impacts.

The items are grouped in the sustainable products section, which until December 25th offers discounts of up to 40% on selected items. Products include clothes, cosmetics, organic food, reusable products and social businesses, among others.

Sustainable products section


"At the end of the year, we want our users to be able to choose gifts that generate positive environmental and social impacts. Last year, the number of consumers of these products on our platform more than doubled. We want to continue seeing this growth, raising consumer awareness, attracting more entrepreneurs and ensuring that we have the most sustainable options in the market."

Guadalupe Marín, Director of Sustainability at Mercado Libre for Latin America

Consumption with positive impact

To bring consumers closer to entrepreneurs and brands with a positive impact, since 2019 Mercado Libre has been providing a dedicated section exclusively for sustainable products. In all there are about 30 categories and more than 143 million products available throughout Latin America. Among the products are items that help reduce emissions, avoid waste generation, keep forests standing and generate income for NGOs and social institutions. By giving visibility and opportunities to thousands of entrepreneurs with a positive impact, who undergo constant monitoring to stay in the section, the campaign aims to boost sales and the positive impacts of these businesses, stimulating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

A recent survey by Mercado Libre showed that the consumption of sustainable products in the region has doubled.

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