2022 Impact Report

Mercado Libre presents its 2022 Impact Report

Check out the highlights of the report that measures our social, environmental and economic impacts over the last year.

Reporte 2022

Check out the highlights of the report that measures our social, environmental and economic impacts over the last year.

More than 5 million issuances of credit granted to entrepreneurs; more than 11 million products with positive impact sold; more than 4.6 million packages delivered with sustainable mobility; new restoration processes started in 3,300 hectares of forest: these are some of the reasons why 2022 marked a new milestone for Mercado Libre. Other highlights include increasing its electric fleet, facilitating commerce for 500,000 SMEs, strengthening financial education for over 7,000 women and young people, and bringing more than 1,400 girls closer to the world of technology. These numbers come from Mercado Libre’s latest Impact Report, measuring the social, environmental, and economic impacts of its ecosystem between January 1st and December 31st, 2022. Carried out under the highest international reporting standards, it was produced using the feedback of company stakeholders, collected through a materiality survey in which more than 62,000 people participated, representing users, Mercado Libre work teams, supplier companies, civil society organizations, and the public and private sectors throughout Latin America. In its eleventh edition, the report reveals that last year, the company granted over 5 million issuances of credit through Mercado Pago to entrepreneurs, with 49% of the credit going to women. Also, in partnership with allied organizations, Mercado Libre strengthened financial education for more than 2,300 women and provided initial training to over 4,400 young people in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay. In addition, in the past year, our marketplace sold 11.6 million products with a positive impact in Latin America through its sustainable products section. And, with the aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial community contributing to preserving the main biomes of Latin America through its production, the company expanded the reach of the Biomes program. In 2022, it expanded in Argentina, reached Mexico for the first time, and incorporated new biomes in Brazil, training and mentoring more than 100 organizations and cooperatives that sold more than 22 thousand products on the Mercado Libre platform, indirectly benefiting about 30 thousand producers.

"At Mercado Libre, we know that our solutions have a unique multiplier effect and the potential to transform the lives of millions of people in Latin America. We have the challenge of making this a reality, with concrete and tangible results, while reinforcing our commitment to grow alongside minimizing our environmental impact"

Guadalupe Marín, Regional Director of Sustainability at Mercado Libre

Mitigation and restoration 2022

To this end, as well as continuing to expand its logistics network, adding 49 new centers that generated 7,105 jobs, Mercado Livre also continued to expand its electric fleet to 797 vehicles, one of the largest in the region, and added solutions that enabled the delivery of over 4.6 million packages through sustainable mobility. Eight distribution centers were also added, migrating to 100% renewable energies, reaching a total of 10 locations between centers and offices. In addition to reduction strategies, Mercado Livre continues to implement one of the most efficient ways to address climate change according to science: nature-based solutions. Its Regenera América program, which conserves and regenerates iconic Latin American biomes, added its first project in Mexico and three new ones in Brazil. Restoration processes were initiated across 3,300 hectares of forest, with the planting of over 500,000 trees and the passive restoration of over 4 million trees. Mercado Libre also continued working with specialized organizations to reduce gender and digital gaps with its STEM skills training programs, which last year reached 3,200 young people in Latin America. Among them is Conectadas, a regional initiative to bring more girls into the world of technology, in which more than 1,400 young people participated; and Certified Tech Developer, with 1,060 scholarships for young people to pursue technology courses. Mercado Livre ensures the dual materiality of the Impact Report based on the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards for the e-commerce industry, and the International Integrated Reporting Framework, to consolidate financial information in the document. You can access the full Impact Report at www.sustentabilidadmercadolibre.com

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Financial Education for Women and Youth in Latin America


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