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10 users

register from a mobile device

+19 million

downloads of
the mobile app

66% of sales

come from
mobile devices

320.6 million registered user

53.2 million new users in 2019

833 million of transactions




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The experience and security of our users

Millions of Latin American users choose us every day to buy, sell, pay and finance their activities with our solutions. They are the true protagonists of the entrepreneurial effect. We want to offer them a superior experience in an agile and secure platform, aligned with the highest e-commerce standards.

Our security policies seek to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all flows and processes associated with our own business data and that of our users.

Platform performance

One of the reasons why millions of users choose us is because we are always online. We maintained the good results of the previous period with 99.76% of the data traffic sustained by the infrastructure developed in the cloud.

99.76% uptime in 2019

Protection of information

So that our users can carry out their operations in an agile and secure manner, Mercado Libre requires personal information. All users who register on our platform do so in accordance with our privacy and confidentiality policies, accessible on the navigation screen of each local site.

User behavior and protection

We are very careful to validate that the businesses that use our platform comply with the regulations in force in each country. Each regional site has special procedures in place to prevent illegal transactions. In particular, we emphasize ethical behavior and the protection of individuals' rights.

Our moderation team is responsible for overseeing compliance. Its mission is to monitor the site and keep it safe, and provide fair treatment to the user community.

Protection of intellectual property

We created a tool so that the holders of intellectual property rights can report listings that infringe upon their rights by adhering to the program to request the removal of these listings.