Shortening distances

We shorten geographic gaps

Shortening distances

We get to places where others don’t, connecting more and more people.


649.2 million packages delivered breaking down distances

We focus on improving our logistics systems to make it increasingly efficient.


USD 254.1 million invested in the region

We have unleashed the potential of a sector that will bring development and employment to the region.


8 new Logistics Centers are part of our growth

With openings in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, we have managed to expedite shipping times to less than 48 hours

Our warehouse and distribution centers are the core of a huge logistics network having a great impact on development

New opportunities

Less limitations, more opportunities

We create local employment and development around our operations.


3.500 new jobs created

For many, their first job. We have our own distribution centers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico that boost local development.


11.6 million sellers expanding their business

We receive, store, and ship each item with great care to help sellers reach out further in their business.


460 young people trained in our Redes al Futuro program

We train and encourage the inclusion of young people in their first job. We believe that in a dynamic work environment in constant innovation this is a key aspect for the development of communities.

Ingrid Fernandez

"I had never attended a program that cares so much for young people, where they look at me and say: I believe in you"

Ingrid Fernandez

Participant of Redes al Futuro - Brazil

More sustainable operations

Find out more about what we are doing to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics operations.


We deliver everything to each house in a fast and reliable way.

We take care of each our team members implementing the best protocols.

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