Our value chain

We are committed to multiplying the impact of our value chain, which includes the ecosystem's entrepreneurs and our suppliers.

Sustainable purchases

Our sustainable purchasing policy expands every year. In 2019, it was implemented in all the countries across the region. As a result, Mercado Libre made 49% more purchases from suppliers chosen based on social and/or environmental criteria. These entrepreneurs also benefit from a 30-day payment cycle on purchase orders.

+49% purchases

from suppliers with environmental and/or social impact.

Measure What Matters: In Focus

We joined the Sistema B organization to measure the social and environmental impacts of SMEs and companies in our value chain. We invited a group of strategic suppliers from Argentina and Brazil to participate in a series of face-to-face meetings. Companies from various sectors participated. They included suppliers of products and services to our areas of Marketing, IT, People, Office Management and Sustainability.