Our team


4500 new talents

joined our team
in 2019

+34% vs. 2018

Our DNA is the basis of everything we do. We promote a unique culture based on six principles that come to life in a special work experience, which makes us one of the best places to work not only in Latin America but worldwide.

We are an entrepreneurial talent organization

We attract, select and hire the best talent to lead the e-commerce and fintech services industry in Latin America.

Protagonists of their own development

We believe that each person is the protagonist of their own development and career path. With this belief we challenge ourselves to lead, reinvent ourselves, innovate, learn and evolve.

We have an annual, cyclical and continuous performance management process. Everyone at MELI manages their own annual performance process, evolving in each cycle.

My MELI experience

Our differential value proposal for our teams and candidates has five pillars: flexible work, development and learning, communication and collaboration, recognition and celebration, and wellbeing and family.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We believe in respect for people as a fundamental value and basis of all diversity and inclusion actions. We made progress with leadership and awareness processes to strengthen our vision, inspiring people to deploy their abilities and express themselves in a healthy and equitable environment.

For us, diversity is also a competitive advantage. We innovate from diversity and that makes us disruptive. Thanks to this empathic approach we can design products, services and solutions best suited to the unique characteristics of each country and each user.

Initiatives carried out

Equity of gender compensation is a critical process of our inclusion analysis. We are proud that there are no salary differences between men and women working at Mercado Libre with the same level of experience.
In 2019, we launched the BeLeader@MELI leadership program, aimed at new leaders in the role that includes a diversity and inclusion module, focused on identifying and raising awareness of biases in people management, to make it as objective and inclusive as possible. Throughout the year, eight sessions were held that reached 330 new leaders.
Our recruitment model is managed with structured interviews and collaborative decisions, based on objective evidence. To neutralize unconscious biases, all triads of final candidates for a position are composed of two women and one man, including Senior Management positions. In addition, we generate blind samples for applications at Opportunities@MELI.
We created an open group in Workplace where members can share news, best practices, stories and proposals that help to promote an increasingly more diverse and inclusive Mercado Libre. In this group, valuable conversations are generated to advance with emergent actions.
  • Egg preservation Aimed at women who need or choose to extend their fertility cycle. 
  • Maternity and adoption policy Mothers receive an additional 30 days of paid leave above the 90 days established by law. If they take an extended maternity leave of absence (licencia por excedencia), which is in addition to the legal 90-day license, we extend the health coverage during that period. 
  • Paternity and adoption Fathers have 15 business days of leave from the arrival of a baby. Upon returning to work, up until the baby turns six months old, they are given the option to distribute their Home Office work hours throughout the week. 
  • Same leaves of absence and benefits for same-sex couples
  • Soft Landing We offer an additional month pay to the three of maternity leave established by law in addition to a flexible weekly workday during the first year of the baby's life, without any reduction in pay.
  • Maternity room and parking for future moms
  • Nursery We have a nursery at our Dot headquarters in Buenos Aires. We reimburse daycare and domestic staff expenses for the first two years of the baby's life.

Digital, collaborative and scalable management

In 2019, we evolved toward a digital, collaborative and scalable management of people, which puts people first, elevating them to the role of co-creators, and employs the transformative power of technology for a better experience.

We believe in people. We encourage them to be empowered and surpass their own limits to grow at MELI’s pace.

We rely on the transformative power of technology

We use Facebook's Workplace platform to connect, boost and provide feedback about the MELI experience from a place of communication and collaboration. Network management is decentralized: all people can consume, and also produce and publish information, comments and news, as well as create private groups for projects and activities.

We have automated bots that support our processes and programs. Through these automated assistants, in addition to maximizing the scope, we ensure the transparency and efficiency of processes.
Channel to funnel queries and concerns from MELI team members. All feedback received is analyzed and followed up on to guarantee the quality of the service.
From Workplace, we organize live broadcasts where we share first-hand information about the leaders of the most relevant projects.