Mercado Libre in figures

320,6 million

registered users



18 countries

378,9 million

products sold

1º Internet business platform in Latin America

7º worldwide

USD 2,3 billion

in net sales

+ USD 26 billion

in market capitalization

Twenty years of MELI: The best is yet to come

“It is very exciting for me to celebrate 20 years of Mercado Libre and look back with you so many lessons learned. There were many successes and mistakes, many abrupt changes, discussions and uncertainties, but there was always a DNA that marked the path and ensured we’d get where we actually arrived: our entrepreneurial gene, that gene that looks with more enthusiasm what is to come than what has been achieved and that, far from sitting down to rest, it is thinking about what is missing, what is coming, what is new, what need we are not addressing,”.
Marcos Galperín

Our ecosystem of solutions

We have developed an ecosystem of solutions to expand the ability to buy, sell, pay, send and access credit on the Internet, empowering the entrepreneurial community in Latin America.

Mercado Libre

Leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, where buyers and sellers meet to transact a wide range of goods and services. In 2019, we incorporated two permanent categories for sustainable products and for fashion without gender. 


378.9 million products sold
53.2 million new users
12 purchases per second

Mercado Shops

Online shop solution that allows users to configure, manage and promote their own e-commerce stores hosted on Mercado Libre's servers. This service is fully integrated with all of the ecosystem's solutions. Available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.


234 thounsand  active Mercado Shops

Mercado Libre Publicidad

An advertising platform where users can promote their products and services, increasing their visibility on our websites and associated sites in the region. Each user can promote their business in the categories that best suit their products. They just pay for the clicks received. Available in every country where Mercado Libre is present.  


+100 thousand advertisers

Mercado Envíos

Shipping management service available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. We offer merchants cost-effective, third-party logistics and shipping services that are fully integrated with our platform at competitive prices, as well as dispatch and storage services. Available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.
For our logistics operation, we have distribution centers in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, improving the user experience by sending their products in less than 48 hours.


324 million shipments made

Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago is already one of its main drivers in the region in terms of digital payments, allowing users to process payments online, and send and receive money safely, easily and quickly. It is available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay.
In 2019, the Mercado Points program for Mercado Pago in Brazil was incorporated, which allows users to accumulate points for each purchase and obtain benefits.


838 million transactions
USD 28,389.9 million processed

Economic performance

Mercado Libre targets business growth, scaling competitive advantages and strengthening its position as the chosen trading and payment platform in the markets where it operates.
We offer technological and business solutions that address the unique cultural and geographic challenges of e-commerce in Latin America.
We aim to achieve these objectives through organic growth, introducing our business in new countries, entering new category segments, launching new transactional business lines and also through possible strategic business acquisitions.

Mercado Libre Fund

We look for valuable companies for our ecosystem, with potential for regional growth, where we can add value acting as an investor.

USD 4,7 million invested

in startups in the region

20 active companies

in our portfolio

Invested in

28 companies

12 Argentina

9 Brasil

3 Chile

3 México

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Financial inclusion

We are aware of the impact it has on the life of a person, a family and an entrepreneur not to depend on cash for all their payments and collections, in terms of security, predictability and opportunities. Our focus is on making Mercado Pago solutions simple, accessible and secure. In addition, in strengthening the capacities of entrepreneurs, providing reports with information of strategic value for the management of their business. The integration of Mercado Pago and Mercado Crédito allows them to have money in an agile, flexible and simple way, seeking the financial inclusion of those who have more barriers to access credit in the traditional system in Latin America. This is possible thanks to the innovation and investment we make in machine learning and big data, and an innovative own scoring model.

USD 534 million in loans granted during 2019

2.9 million Point users

4.5 million payments with QR

Virtual wallet

Mercado Pago is the largest digital wallet in the region. Users can pay in physical stores with a QR code or Point, use a prepaid card, take out a loan from their cell phone and invest their savings.
In 2019, we took another step in the democratization of payments in the region, with the launch of our QR code solution in Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia.
In Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, we expanded the functionalities of the virtual wallet with Mercado Fondos. It is a totally disruptive savings and investment solution that allows users to obtain a real return on their savings, in an agile and 100% digital manner.

838 million transactions

USD 28,389.9 million processed (+xx% annually)

71 million active payers