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About the initiative

Benefits for businesses that have a positive impact

We know that the purchasing capacity of a company like ours has the potential to boost a local economy and, in particular, entrepreneurs driven by a commitment to promote positive social and environmental impacts. We can also incorporate vulnerable sectors of the society to the economic process, creating jobs, channeling investments, and supporting productive development.

To include a larger number of these businesses in our chain of suppliers, since 2019 we have implemented a policy guiding our internal divisions in selecting enterprises committed to sustainability. For example, certified companies or companies that are in the process of certification, suppliers of certified products, and social enterprises and NGOs with proven social and/or environmental impact.

Criteria for supplier selection

We set out guidelines to determine when a business or organization can be considered to be sustainable and fit to become one of Mercado Libre’s suppliers. These guidelines may change over time, based on new developments and knowledge related to sustainability. Some examples of required practices are described below:

Social criteria:

  • Products or services offering solutions or better conditions as to social environment, housing, health care, education, mobility, and transport to highly vulnerable populations.
  • Job creation in locations with low employment levels.
  • Hiring people or suppliers that promote inclusion.
  • Social and cultural capital generation at a local level, connecting the job market and the production sector with cultural heritage and local knowledge.

Environmental criteria:

  • Offering services, technology, or products that promote the restoration or regeneration of ecosystems or the circular economy.
  • Setting goals and implementing actions to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Selling or using biodynamic or ecological products as raw material.
  • Execution of contracts requiring suppliers to meet environmental criteria.

Examples of certifications:

  • Organic seal;
  • FSC certification;
  • Fairtrade certification;
  • ISO 14001;
  • OHSAS 18001;
  • Sistema B;
  • LEED;
  • Rainforest Alliance;
  • Origens do Brasil.


We offer special prices and payment terms to businesses that stand out in this category as compared to traditional suppliers. Some examples are included below:

Payment term


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What we purchase can boost a local economy, strengthen sustainable business, and include the vulnerable sectors of society in the economy.

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