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Seller center

We have a special area for the training of Mercado Libre sellers, the Seller Center. Here, we offer contents, courses, and webinars on multiple topics ranging from financial literacy to sales strategies helping sellers improve their knowledge of our tools and solutions. It is currently available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay.

2,8 million

2,8 million

2,8 million users

4,7 million

4,7 million

4,7 million website visits

Vende Más (Sell more)

Three-week advisory program for new sellers packed with good practices and recommendations. The program aims to materialize sale #10 within two weeks, as opposed to the performance of sellers who do not participate in the program.



2,700 sellers trained by Vende Más

Brigada MELI (MELI Brigade)

Customized service for sellers provided by a Platinum Certified Consultancy Firm, specialized in Mercado Libre sellers. On average, Brigada Meli sellers' growth is up to three times above average.

Conecta Meli (Meli Connects)

A program developed for our best associate Platinum-certified consultants to teach sellers everything they need to know about tools, best practices, and methodologies to enhance their business on Mercado Libre.

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We have supported the training of small-scale entrepreneurs and the digitalization of their business to help them increase sales using our solutions.

Main results


+5,000 entrepreneurs trained in Latin America

2 to 3 times

Meli Brigade sellers’ business growing 2 to 3 times above average

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