Financial inclusion

We continue to democratize money and payments

Financial inclusion

We promote financial inclusion with new digital payment opportunities in a safe and simple way.


1914.5 million transactions boosting the economy

But we still have a huge challenge ahead; according to the World Bank, 60% of the population is still unbanked.


117.6 million digital accounts

We have enabled the agile inclusion of financial services.


USD1170 million in loans reaching out to more people

Mercado Crédito has broken down barriers by reaching out to people who never imagined getting a loan.


15 million accounts with investments that have left cash behind

With an average investment of USD $100 in 2020, many people made their first investment with Mercado Pago.

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"With Mercado Pago we have avoided the use of cash so that people may feel safer during the pandemic, and we have managed to increase our sales"

Adrián Martinez from Como en Casa

Seller - Mexico

We facilitate access to tools and solutions, for entrepreneurs to learn and grow in a new economy

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Financial Education

We are constantly developing content to serve as a clear and simple information tool.

Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre
Mercado Libre Solidario

Provide NGOs with the solutions of our ecosystem, thus boosting their fundraising strategy.

Regional innovation

A new way of connecting the world and technology

We promote new opportunities for all the people who today do not have access to traditional financial instruments.


1914.5 million payments in a fast, safe, and economic way

QR code payments are already available in all the countries where we operate. We seek to make digital payments accessible to everyone in a fast, safe, and economic way.


4.4 million stores already accept cards

Our Point for small storekeepers, SMEs, and micro-entrepreneurs is an easy way of offering card sales and installments at competitive prices.


9.8 million prepaid cards to use anywhere in the world

We strive to accelerate the transition to a more digital economy and include segments of the population which have historically been abandoned by the traditional financial system.


104.9 million users get and send money online in a simple way

Technological transformation encourages the democratization of commerce and money. Mercado Pago is the region’s largest e-wallet.

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"The trust of my Whatsapp customers increased when they started to use Mercado Pago’s link"

Michelle Fernandes

Feira Preta participant - Brazil


The culture of digital giving

We provide your NGO with the solutions of our ecosystem to boost your fundraising strategy.


USD 16 million funds raised

Non-profit organizations receive incentives and discounts at Mercado Pago to boost their fundraising strategy.


1.2 million donations

Our solutions are at the service of the social mission of over 2200 NGOs in 8 countries in the region.


2200 NGOs associated with Mercado Libre Solidario

In addition to offering our fundraising solutions, we support them with trainings on fundraising and link them to other NGOs in Latin America.


Transformation as a driver of recovery

The relevance of payments and donations to support care and employment in the region.

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