Ethics and Corporate Governance

We expect everyone who forms part of Mercado Libre to carry out their functions according to the highest ethical and behavioral standards, including suppliers, partners and customers.

Our anti-corruption policy establishes procedures to conduct ourselves as good corporate citizens, and is included in the Code of Ethics

Anti-corruption policies and procedures

Our anti-corruption policy establishes that no employee or member of Mercado Libre's value chain may make or offer payments, money or valuable goods to an individual, company or organization, including public officials, directly or through intermediaries, to improperly obtain a preferential treatment or a benefit.

We are aligned with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of the United States, the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law, the Law on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities of Argentina,and all anti-corruption laws in every country where we operate.

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance style reflects our core values: integrity, transparency, and autonomy.

Board of Directors

  • Marcos Galperín
    Chairman of the Board and CEO
  • Nicolás Galperín
  • Susan Segal *
  • Mario Eduardo Vázquez*
  • Alejandro Nicolás Aguzin*
  • Meyer Malka *
  • Emiliano Calemzuk*
  • Roberto Balls Sallouti*

Executive Team

  • Marcos Galperín, CEO
  • Pedro Arnt, Executive Vice President and CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Stelleo Tolda, Executive Vice President and COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Osvaldo Giménez, Executive Vice President of Payments
  • Daniel Rabinovich, Executive Vice President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Marcelo Melamud, Executive Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
The professional profiles of each member of the board of directors are available at

Risk management

The strategic risks faced by our business are related to the continuous growth of online commerce in Latin America; our ability to expand and adapt our operations; updates of infrastructure and information technology; and possible system interruptions. Other risks include Internet regulations and laws; the sale of regulated and prohibited articles on our platform; violations of intellectual property rights; dissemination of information and material on our platform; and security breaches and data leaks. Likewise, user fees and consumer trends constitute risks.

The company has areas dedicated to risk management, as well as risk management policies in place. Mercado Libre uses the SAP GRC Risk Management application to identify, analyze, respond to and proactively monitor risks throughout the company.