Democratizing commerce

Connecting millions of buyers and sellers

Democratizing commerce

The leading e-commerce platform that is changing the life of millions of people in the region.


11.6 million sellers reaching out to more people

Some years ago, buying and selling online was something unattainable for many. Today, Mercado Libre has made it possible with sales of over 1.97 million items per day.


61.3 million buyers finding what they are looking for

With 423 visits per second, we build trust to break down the barriers of commerce and drive development in the region.


600 thousand families living from the revenue generated in Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre’s solution ecosystem has become a key ally for SMEs, which have found the best partner in e-commerce and digital payments to keep up their source of revenue.


649.2 million deliveries connecting more people

Mercado Envíos shortens distances, breaking down geographic barriers, and delivering in a fast and reliable way.

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"Before starting to sell on Mercado Libre, delivering throughout Chile was something unimaginable to us"

Ignacio Álvarez de Playa Venado

Seller - Chile

Impact consumption

We promote sustainable business

Through our ecosystem we boost the sale of products generating a positive impact.


1.1 million items sold under the category of sustainable products in the last year

We have launched the region’s largest and ever-growing offer of sustainable products.


30 thousand publications of sustainable catalog items

Finding products with a positive impact is now much easier.


6 thousand entrepreneurs have multiplied their positive impact

Our platform connects large impact projects with people who want to consume in a more responsible way.


More than 30 new B Corps with unique benefits

Together with Sistema B we seek to survey the social and environmental impacts of the SMEs and companies in our value chain.

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"Through Mercado Libre we have shared our Pará gastronomy with more people, spreading our flavors just as our father did"

Joanna Martins from Manioca

Seller - Brazil

These are the categories of our sustainable product catalog

Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre
Solar panels
Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre
Solar water heaters

Entrepreneurial drive

We democratize knowledge

We train entrepreneurs so that they can create real impact.


Over 600 social and environmental enterprises trained in the region

Together with the Mayma, Giral, Semente Negócios organizations and the Èditodos Fund, we train them on triple-impact strategies to strengthen their businesses.


Over 700 SME owners and general managers who attended Emprendedores 4.0

The challenge is not just to sell but to keep up growth. This is why we train them and give them key tools for their business.


50 free webinars to boost business at the Seller Center

We offer different options and content according to each seller’s needs. We know every business is different so that we have created different strategic approaches.

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"Artisans have found a very valuable opportunity in these e-commerce channels like Mercado Libre"

Ana María Fríes from Artesanías de Colombia


We support more inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative businesses

Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre

We promote businesses that value the biodiversity of Brazilian biomes.

Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre
Emprender con impacto

Regional online acceleration training program organized together with Mayma and Giral


Millions of users and SMEs remained active

Mercado Libre as a driver of economic recovery for thousands of SMEs across the region.

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