Culture & people

We honor our entrepreneurial DNA

Culture & people

We put into action our cultural principles in everything we do

We are in beta

We compete to win as a team

We create value for our users

We execute with excellence

We are entrepreneurs and risk takers

We work hard and play hard

Ranking Great Place to Work 2020

We are one of the best places to work

To reach our goal we need to co-create the best workplace in every country where we operate.

#8 worldwide

We are the world’s eighth best company to work for

#4 in LATAM

We are the region’s fourth best company to work for

#10 in Brazil

We are one of Brazil’s 10 best companies to work for

#3 for Women

We rank as the third best workplace for women in Argentina and Uruguay

#1 & #2 Millennials

We are a great workplace for millennials; first in Argentina and second in Mexico

Natalia Mileo

"We want more and more people to grow and multiply a passion for undertaking and to be proud of if"

Natalia Mileo

Culture & Experience Director


We seek to attract the best talent in the region

We create opportunities so that they may overcome their own limitations and grow at the pace of the company.


7.258 new positions in the region

In the second quarter of the year, revenue increased as a result of the new demand. Our strategy to attract, select, and incorporate the best talents is based on MELI leaders.


800 youth in their first job

For 67% of warehouse workers it was their first job. In addition, there are thousands of work positions related to indirect employment.


96 OWNboarding sessions

Mercado Libre’s way of welcoming new participants evolved. We added the Virtual OWNboarding experience to welcome 1.029 leaders and 5.245 team members.


350 staff from other companies temporarily employed by Mercado Libre

With the purpose of increasing synergy and solidarity with sectors that were forced to reduce their activities due to the health emergency, we have built employment partnerships with Le Pain Quotidien, Arcos Dorados (McDonald's’ operators), and Alsea (Starbucks’ and Burger King’s operators).


120 thousand hours of talent development per year

We invite people to join a continuous learning and development experience by providing empowerment resources and opportunities. We offer different development and learning programs focused on leaders and team members.

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We promote equality of opportunities because we believe that diversity is the basis of innovation and that differences enhance and encourage our growth.

We wish to become a more diverse and inclusive company. We inspire people to deploy their skills and express themselves in an equal and respectful environment.

Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre
Build diverse teams

Because each person is unique; our priorities are: gender (women and LGTB+), disabled people, and race or ethnic group.

Sustentabilidad Mercadolibre
Create inclusive environments

With a value proposition so that everyone can be heard and can express themselves, give an opinion, and promote innovative ideas.


Respond to the context taking care of our team

We have kept our operational excellence while looking after everyone's health.

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