Entrepreneurial culture

Emprender con impacto

In 2019, we launched Emprender con impacto in partnership with the organization Mayma and Girald. This is an online training cycle for entrepreneurs with economic, social and environmental impact throughout the Latin American region. The initiative seeks to strengthen projects that require new tools and support to create an impact and accelerate their business growth in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.
At the end of November, the jury chose the project Epicos as a regional entrepreneur winner.

Meet the finalists:


registered entrepreneurs


entrepreneurs participated
in the training

+USD 5.000

in prizes



Summary of the final of Emprender con Impacto

First section of sustainable products

We launched a new permanent section of sustainable products on our platform, which is the result of the journey and the growth of our well-known #EcoFriday initiative.

The largest offer of products with environmental and social impact in Latin America.

110.000 items sold

Categorías con mayor crecimiento de la demanda

1. Beauty products +7000%
2. Zero-waste products +4000%
3. Kitchen gardens and composters +695%
4. Organic food +424%
5. Renewable energy +294%

(solar panels and hot water tanks)

Development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Business transformation program aimed at owners and directors of SMEs. The three-month program takes place in four diagnostic and actionable meetings.

73 SMEs participated in the program

We developed the course "How to boost your online sales" and promoted it on Tamo Junto, an online platform dedicated to empowering microentrepreneurs. The course consists of seven short classes, on video, on how to manage an online business, where to sell, how to advertise products and payment methods.

411 trained entrepreneurs

58% women with their own business

Trabajamos junto a Aliança Empreendedora, una ONG brasileña dedicada a impulsar los microemprendimientos de bajos ingresos y a las comunidades productivas que necesitan apoyo para desarrollar su negocio.

15 horas de capacitación

50 emprendedores capacitados

We made Mercado Pago available to those interested in financing projects so they can do it simply, quickly and safely. In addition to generating a fund to finance entrepreneurs, we invested in the social company Movimiento Darte, to buy a machine that allowed them to scale up their production process.

+270 entrepreneurs financed

Education and digital inclusion

Chicas en Tecnología

We work together with Chicas en Tecnologia, an Argentine nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce the gender gap in technology. In 2019, we welcomed more than 100 girls from the CET Clubs at our offices in Mendoza, Cordoba and San Luis. Also, we invited the participants to apply for one of the 30 scholarships to study at Acamica, a coding school, in 2020.

3 Argentine provinces
100 girls receiving training
+1700 girls trained since the start of the program

We promote employability with Arbusta and Nahual IT

We worked with Arbusta and Nahual IT, two social companies focused on promoting the training of young people in technology and increasing their ability to get a job. In 2019, 140 young people from both companies provided support to the IT, sales and sustainability areas at Mercado Libre

140 young people providing services for different Mercado Libre projects

Arrastart Project

We support the Arrastart Project in Brazil, through tax incentives. Thanks to our support, entrepreneurship, technology and robotics workshops for teenagers were delivered in the Campo Limpo region, in São Paulo.

200 teenagers trained

iLab-Mercado Libre challenge

We launched the iLab-Mercado Libre challenge to support ThinkCamp participants. The challenge drives those entrepreneurs who focus their projects around the challenge of financial inclusion and e-commerce. Upon completion of the program, the projects will be evaluated and three to six semifinalists will be chosen to travel to the Mercado Libre offices in Mexico City. Winners will receive funds to develop their projects.

+USD 10.000 in an angel fund for the winners

Jóvenes a programar

We support this initiative that seeks to contribute to the development of the ICT sector from an educational approach. Continuing with our commitment, employees from different areas of Mercado Libre donated hours during two weekends to share their knowledge and experiences with young people. More than 50 graduates of this initiative participated in these sessions.

+1400 young graduates
+500 women

We donated the translation of more than 500,000 words of the contents of This NGO is dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools, increasing the participation of women and underrepresented minorities. With content available in Spanish, any Latin American child between the ages of four and eight can access's content and the opportunity to discover technology.

Mercado Libre Solidario

We offer the services of our ecosystem to Latin American NGOs in order to increase their revenue and boost the impact of their social mission.

+1100 organizations joined in eight countries in the region
USD 6,2 million in funds raised

We work with Wingu and Donar Online, organizations whose mission is to enhance the work of other NGOs in Latin America through the incorporation of innovative technologies and methodologies. In 2019, we optimized the fundraising and loyalty webinars for social organizations and organized face-to-face workshops in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.

+2,300 NGO representatives trained

We developed a digital campaign in partnership with food bank Fundación Banco de Alimentos, based on an official store on the platform and the use of QR codes in the street and in the workplaces of different companies.

+600 donations

+USD 51.000 raised

Guided by the principles of diversity, we mobilized Brazilian society in support of the LGBTQ+ cause. We partnered with community influencers to promote a fundraising campaign for the NGO Casa 1, a home and culture center for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, serving approximately 1,500 people a month, in São Paulo.

USD 10.000 raised

Mercado Pago joined Red Globo and Unesco in a donation campaign for Criança Esperança, one of the largest Brazilian social movements, which seeks to transform the future of children and young people living in situations of social vulnerability.

The #MeuNovoJeitodeDoar campaign was broadcast to thousands of Brazilians through Red Globo, inviting them to try a new way to donate: the button available on Mercado Pago's digital wallet.

30.000 donations

USD 60.000 raised