Marketing Guide for Impact Projects

A material to guide those who choose to undertake with impact, in the construction and implementation of the commercial strategy of their business.

The world has undergone profound transformations

Reinforcing the urgency of bringing the generation of positive socio-environmental impacts to the center of decisions on how to undertake, invest and consume. At the same time, many entrepreneurs have sought to reorient their business models to respond to the enormous challenges of our time and generate a positive impact. A strong obstacle to the expansion of these impacts is the construction of a commercial strategy that makes the value proposition of these projects tangible, guaranteeing their financial sustainability. This perception was very evident during the learning journey of the Emprender con Impacto program, carried out in 2020 by Mercado Libre in alliance with Éditodos, Giral and Semente de Negócios.

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As a result of this lawsuit, Mercado Libre and ICE - Institute of Business Citizenship partnered

To build a material that will present a journey to guide the entrepreneur with an impact on the construction and implementation of the commercial strategy of their business. The construction of this route was carried out collaboratively by a group of organizations during three virtual meetings of the Market Access and Commercialization Laboratory. Finally, the content generated in these meetings was systematized and validated with the participants of the Entrepreneurship with Impact 2020 Program and in the event “Impact Drivers, economy of impact and post-crisis resilience”, led by ICE. Now this content is available to entrepreneurs interested in improving their business strategies and thus strengthening their impacts.

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