Side by side in the face of a global pandemic

We have redoubled our efforts to look after and drive our teams, users, and communities.

We make it happen

E-commerce has become key for companies to reach out to their customers and support their team members in times of COVID.


1.4 million shipments on one single day Despite difficulties, 55% of packages were delivered in less than 48 hours.

0% Commissions

In March we eliminated commissions on basic necessities We facilitate the sale of such items as diapers, cleaning products, and non-perishable foods to face the spread of the pandemic.


We have highlighted a new filter in the platform to buy and sell normally The new filter helps visibilize products that can be currently shipped without any problem.

More Opportunities

We encourage the financial inclusion of millions of people in the region After the pandemic, 7 out of 10 Latin Americans have stated they will continue to make online payments.

Testimonie author

“May 2020 sales were up 200% against April's. And for a small business that's super motivating”

Carla Nieto from Conciencia & Co

A Driver of Recovery

SMEs accelerated their technological reconversion.


We put off the payment due date of our loans We have stood by our customers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, and have supported them from day one to provide the reassurance they needed so much.

Mercado Pago

We have benefitted STS taxpayers and self-employed workers with our discounts As a financial aid in the face of the crisis, we have decided to offer discounts to those paying tax through their digital accounts for the first time.

Testimonie author

"We had a growth of 575%. The part we did in the field, was replaced by online sales"

Marilú Pulido from Fosapet

Side by side with those who need it most

Community oriented

We have made our ecosystem available to the most in need We donate to Food Banks and the Red Cross.

  • 37 thousand safety kits for healthcare staff
  • 32 thousand kg of food
  • 10 thousand personal hygiene kits


For everyone to help from home Donate Button so that everyone can help in a fast and easy way from Mercado Pago’s e-wallet.

One artist, one hero

USD 70.5K raised for the region’s NGOs to face the pandemic Regional artists honored healthcare staff in a fundraising campaign.

Testimonie author

“I’m proud of working today in the midst of a pandemic, helping people get what they need"

Denise - Distribution Center Team Member

Give an answer to the current context while looking after our team

We have redoubled our efforts

We look after the well-being and health of our teams and their families We have implemented new safety measures in our warehouses. In 24 hours 90% of the staff of Mercado Libre MELI began to work remotely. For this, we guarantee all the necessary office supplies.

The Entrepreneurial DNA

Putting our main competitive advantages to the test We stand by and train the different segments of leaders with new proposals to take care and give emotional wellbeing support to people working remotely.

We have strengthened our goal

We have recognized teams with internal campaigns Focused on highlighting the people who put our cultural principles into practice through their attitudes.

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