Mercado Livre will support businesses that value the biodiversity of Brazilian biomes

The Empreender com Impacto + Biodiversidade (Entrepreneur with Impact + Biodiversity) program is one of the Free Market initiatives to strengthen enterprises that generate positive impacts for the environment, society and the communities in which they operate.

Created to strengthen businesses that generate positive socioenvironmental impacts, Empreender com Impacto is working on its 3rd initiative focusing on the bioeconomy.

A Edição deste ano vai selecionar 75 empreendimentos

Que contribuam para a valorização da biodiversidade da Amazônia, Mata Atlântica e do Cerrado. Entre maio e setembro de 2021, os empreendedores selecionados participarão de oficinas coletivas, mentorias e assessorias individuais para potencializar as vendas dos seus produtos dentro da plataforma do Mercado Livre.

Testimonie author

“Our goal is to promote the bioeconomy, supporting the commercialization of businesses that respect local knowledge and ways of life and, at the same time, helping to keep the forest standing"

Laura Motta
Free Market Sustainability Manager

5 reasons to participate in Entrepreneur with Impact + Biodiversity


15 hours of training + 20 hours of individual mentoring.


subsidized fees + logistical solutions + Visibility in the Sustainable Products section of the Marketplace.

Network formation

Connections and partnerships between participants and Free Market partners.

Access to credit

And Mercado Pago solutions.

Testimonie author

"Through this program, we want to value and support these sustainable production chains"

Marcela Bacchin
Consultant at Giral Viveiro de Projetos

To participate, the projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. Operate in the Amazon, Cerrado or Atlantic Forest biomes.

  2. Be operating for more than one year and officially registered (with an active CNPJ).

  3. Have products at the commercial stage, already have packaging, labels and stock for sales.

  4. Have a business with established sales channels and structured management.

  5. Have a team with market experience and availability to implement an online sales strategy.

  6. Generate positive socioenvironmental impact (income generation, conservation of knowledge and biomes).

“The indigenous, riverside and rural communities are great guardians of our biodiversity. Through their ventures, they share knowledge, traditions, smells, tastes and colors of different biomes in Brazil with different consumers. Through this program, we want to value and support these sustainable production chains, uniting the technology and solutions of the Free Market ecosystem to expand this reach and multiply the positive impacts that they generate in their surroundings.” Marcela Bacchin, Consultant at Giral Viveiro de Projetos.

Come and scale your positive impact as well as your power of transformation! There will be 75 trained businesses which will receive support and benefits to boost sales and reach consumers across Brazil.

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