A great story that connects many others

We have changed the life of millions of Latin Americans by democratizing commerce and financial services.


72.9 million buyers and sellers

Itza is part of the 600 thousand people living from the revenue of Mercado Libre

Buying and selling among strangers seemed impossible, until we made it real and became the world’s seventh e-commerce platform.


1914.5 million transactions on Mercado Pago

“I was rather reluctant to online payments, I doubted I would be able to do it. Now luckily I don't miss any more sales." Eduardo Cortez

In a region where financial services were exclusive, we have created new opportunities to include an increasing number of people and companies.


USD 1.170 million in loans without banks or formalities

Marcel is one of the 10 millions people who received a loan in 2020

We grant loans to individuals and SMEs, many of them excluded from the traditional financial circuit.


1.7 million packages delivered per day

Claudia is one of the 800 people who found her first job in our distribution center.

Our logistics network shortens distances and connects more and more people in a fast and reliable way.


15.546 people developing the future

“It was a year filled with challenges, growth and unprecedented expansion” Daniela Santos

Our DNA challenges us to be protagonists and give our best to create the best opportunities.

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